Windows 10 Antivirus

Just installed new latest windows and now looking for some best antivirus software for windows 10? Well, the choice of antivirus depends on the version of windows. If some antivirus worked best on your previous windows 7 then there are great chances that it may not work with windows 10 so before you buy one make sure you check its capability. If you want an antivirus for regular use then you don’t have to buy it. Free versions can also do the work but if you are running a business and needs strict privacy and protection then you better buy the premium version.

Now if you are looking for best windows 10 antivirus then here are few options you can consider. All of the mentioned antiviruses are free of cost but if the user wants to upgrade it then its all up to him.

Our first pick for you is trend micro antivirus and security. It has a clean and professional user interface. Its settings are quite interesting. It has real-time protection as you would expect. Apart from that it also has some other nice settings like for instance at one place it says to check if the program tries to make unauthorized changes in the system which could potentially threaten your security. It also provides some kind of exploit security and most importantly it protects unauthorized protection. The way its scan works is pretty interesting.  After it detects a lot of malware on the system it automatically calls an intensive scan. This intensive scan will give you a shock first time because it will be done in seconds without any hiccups and blockage.

Now lets come to the second option which is non-other than Kaspersky antivirus. The latest upgrade in this antivirus has fourfold its capabilities to detect and kill the viruses. The best thing about this antivirus is that it’s free. You can play with its settings if you want to. For instance, you can choose the scan setting from recommended to high or low. But if you are not interested then no big deal. You can also buy its premium version which will cost you money.  You can buy one year license in almost$30.

Last but not the least option we have consider for you is panda free antivirus. It is one of those best windows 10 antiviruses which provide high security without charging anything. This wonderful antivirus adds firewall and Wi-Fi protection so the user may not get trapped. 

Choosing the right antivirus can take some time but if you choose wisely then it can save you from a lot of trouble. Some antiviruses automatically run a scan after some time but some need your instructions. It’s up to you. It will work the way you set up its settings.  If you have no idea which antivirus will work best with Windows 10 then you can ask people around you possibly someone from your circle.  Once you install an antivirus, don’t forget to upgrade it from time to time. Otherwise, it will go out of date which means it won’t be able to detect the latest malware and viruses.